Christian Harfouche Ministries


“The words of these most courageous of God’s Word-givers is a testimony to what more miracles the Lord can do through any of us. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve the Lord with them and look forward to witnessing more miracles in the years to come.”

In Memory of

Dr. Lester Sumrall

February 15, 1913 – April 28, 1996

“I pray that God would give you the Spirit of wisdom and understanding that He gave to Joshua... to lead the Children of Israel into the Promised Land... the same Spirit of faith that God gave me through the lineage of other great Generals of the Faith.”

On February 29th, 1996, Dr. Christian and Dr. Robin Harfouche were ordained personally by Dr. Lester Sumrall.

  • Dr. Morris Cerullo

    Morris Cerullo World Evangelism San Diego, CA

    My dearest friend, Dr. Christian Harfouche, is a rare gift to the Body of Christ and to the nations of the world. He is a modern day apostle with a true prophetic teaching and preaching ministry marked by the supernatural manifestation of miracles, signs, and wonders. On the landmark occasion of Christian’s 30th anniversary of ministry, it is clear that a powerful, spiritual force is about to be released that will bring about the greatest manifestation of the power of God that the world has ever seen—and I fully expect my dear friends, Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche, to be at the forefront of this last great, incredible move of God.

  • Dr. R.W. Shambach

    Shambach Ministries Tyler, TX

    I can say without reservation that your ministry is to accomplish the very heart of God by reaching out to a lost and dying world. I have seen you at work many times, and the warmth and love with which you reach out to others draws them to the Lord. Keep loving people into the Kingdom.

  • Dr. John Avanzini

    Avanzini Ministries Corpus Christi, TX

    As the average world population age grows younger, Christianity must establish more of a connection with the youth. Until I personally saw and participated in the worldwide ministry of Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche, I really did not realize how instantly engaging their anointing was. After several ministry journeys with them at home and abroad I personally saw how their anointing brought forth a strong response from the younger people in the communities they ministered in. Despite that connection they are not youth pastors, but reach across all ages with stirring results. However, their appeal to the young as well as the old is truly unique in our day of such drastic demographic variances. Thank you Drs. Christian and Robin for your broad evangelism as well as your extensive training of those you mentor into Christian adulthood.

  • Drs. Norvel & Maggie Hayes

    Norvel Hayes Ministries Cleveland, TN

    We are honored to call you and Dr. Robin our friends and are encouraged to see the passion that you have for the ministry carried on through your family. What a blessing to have Robin and all your children dedicated to God and involved in His work. This is truly a testimony of your integrity and dedication. Because of your knowledge of God’s Word and the freedom you express when operating in the Gifts of God, I know that the Lord is truly pleased by your life of faith. It is my belief that God will continue to use you and bless your ministry for many years to come.

  • Paul & Jan Crouch

    Trinity Broadcasting Network, Inc. Santa Ana, CA

    Thank you for your leadership and ministry as mentor and guide to ultimate fighters, as well as your ministry in great healing crusades. Jan and I also appreciate the blessing you have been to TBN’s global viewing audience as you have shared and ministered on our flagship program, Praise the Lord. We bless you and commend you for your outstanding service to the Body of Christ.

  • Drs. Phillip & Brenda Goudeaux

    Calvary Christian Center Sacramento, CA

    Dr. Harfouche’s ministry is a ministry directed by God and filled with signs and wonders. He, himself, has a great love for souls, and has been mightily used in many miracle healings. Both, Dr. Harfouche and Christian Harfouche Ministries, is what we believe the world needs for these last days. They have always been a blessing to Calvary Christian Center and it is an honor for us to congratulate them for 30 years of ministry. We will continue to stand in agreement with you, for bigger and greater things to come. So keep moving forward, and may God continue to bless you along the way.

  • Dr. Charles E. Blair

    Blair Foundation Denver, CO

    Betty and I want to express our sincere congratulations to Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche on their 30 years of unique and God-blessed ministry. Having pastored for over 50 years ourselves, we realize the amount of energy and commitment such dedication requires, and we commend you for so faithfully fulfilling God’s great call these past three decades. It was our great honor to minister the March of Prophecy with your incredibly receptive church in Pensacola, Florida this past year. We will forever remember our special time with you and your team. Our fervent prayer for you at this commemorative moment is that God will expand your ministry ten-fold, and continue to bless your global outreach one-hundredfold in the years to come.

  • Dr. Jerry Savelle

    Jerry Savelle Ministries Crowley, TX

    Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus! I would like to take this time to congratulate you on 30 years of Ministry. God has been faithful to you and He will continue to show Himself faithful in your Ministry as you continue to bring the good news to many. Your unique ministry is being used to go into venues of life that are versatile and call for your expertise. Keep up the great work!

  • Archbishop Ayo Oritsejafor

    Word of Life Bible Church Warri, Nigeria

    I first came in touch with Dr. Christian Harfouche’s ministry in the early 90’s and I was struck by his enthusiasm for God, his humility, exemplary Christian life, his charisma, and God’s anointing on his life and ministry which has endeared him to countless millions of Christians around the World. I thank God for his remarkable contribution to the Christian faith as we know it today.

  • Dr. Jimmy Crompton

    Word of Faith Christian Centre Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    It’s been our privilege to have known this mighty man and woman of God as our personal friends. They have blessed us personally as a couple and have had tremendous meetings in our church that have impacted the whole city. We thank God for their faithfulness whilst so many big names have fallen they remained faithful to their calling. We bless them and we know that they will still be a huge blessing wherever they go and where God chooses to use them.

  • Ps. Neville McDonald

    Healing Word International Tustin, CA

    The miracle and prophetic ministry of Dr. Christian Harfouche has profoundly impacted our churches in South Africa. During the years of apartheid, his regular visits to the nation assisted believers in uniting as one family and, thereby, the destiny of our nation was affected. His ministry was instrumental in uniting us as a nation.

  • Dr. Mark T. Barclay

    Living Word Church Midland, MI

    Christian and Robin, God bless you... Man, what have we seen… Casting out demons, healing the sick, the miracle power of God…and your testimonies alone are absolutely life-changing—both of you. I appreciate you. I appreciate your ministry—that you stick right to the Word of God... You are Word people. And I love you for it. I also love you because you’re Spirit-filled, you’re Holy Ghost people. You’ve never been ashamed of the great Holy Spirit… You are one awesome couple. You’re my friends.

  • Dr. Robert Kayanja

    Miracle Centre Cathedral Kampala, Uganda

    The Harfouche’s have a great ministry of miracles and reaching the world. Their miraculous ministry has reached into Africa, Asia, South America and beyond. They have reached many, many millions of people with the power of God through wonderful mercy, miracles and music. Their entire ministry is a ministry of the miraculous signs of a living Savior. We believe this ministry needs support and seeds sown into it in this time for the purpose of the great work the Lord has called them to. The Harfouche’s have a unique ministry with a spirit of grace and power. No doubt they operate with a spirit of excellence. Where Jesus is, miracles are. Where Jesus is, life is there. I endorse and recommend the Harfouche’s ministry... and for the miraculous work that God has called them to do.

  • Marcus & Joni Lamb

    Daystar Television Network Dallas, TX

    We here at the Daystar family... send our choicest greetings to you two, Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche. Thirty years in the ministry... what an outstanding accomplishment! We love you and appreciate you and believe the best is yet to come... at least thirty more years! God Bless you Christian and Robin. We love you here at Daystar.

  • Dr. Michael & Sarah Hughes

    MiracleNet TV Chennai, India

    Congratulations to Dr. Christian Harfouche... Sarah and I have personally known him for over 15 years. Dr. Christian is one of the holiest and the most anointed people in the world. He has a powerful life changing, miracle working, Holy Spirit ministry. Praise Jesus!

  • Sid Roth

    It’s Supernatural! TV Brunswick, GA

    Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche have touched the heart of God. Their compassion abundantly flows for miracles. I count them as friends.

  • Bishop Bill & Evelyn Hamon

    Christian International Ministries Santa Rosa Beach, FL

    Dr. Christian Harfouche has been a minister with great preaching accompanied with miraculous signs and wonders. He has faithfully ministered not only with the ministry of Christ but also with the character of Christ. I greatly appreciate and honor Drs. Christian and Robin for…faithfully representing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May your ministry continue with integrity and anointing... We count you as dear friends and pray God’s mighty blessings and prosperity be yours for the rest of your life. Your fellow-Apostle-prophet.

  • Dr. Stephen Strader

    Ignited Church Lakeland, FL

    Drs. Christian and Robin Harfouche have had a tremendous impact on our church and me personally. They have spoken into our congregation, formally known as the Carpenter’s Home Church, and we have also experienced their ministry at campmeetings and conferences. I have personally taken the International Miracle Institute courses and found them to be a major blessing and empowerment in my life.

  • Claude Bowers

    SuperChannel, WACX TV Orlando, FL

    I am pleased to offer my congratulations to Dr. Harfouche…in Christian ministry and dedicated service to our Lord in the US and around the world... I deeply respect his commitment to quality and passion in his life and ministry. I commend him for his leadership in equipping the saints for the work of the ministry as a Pastor, Evangelist and pioneer in the New Testament prototype church... Miracle Faith Center.

  • Pastors John & Beth Fichtner

    Liberty Church Marietta, GA

    Christian and Robin are very precious to us. Having been friends with them for almost 26 years, we have seen their gracious loving hearts remain very faithful and consistent over many years. Their anointing in the Holy Spirit is matched by their joy and love in Jesus. They are a very rare and beautiful gift to the Body of Christ. Congratulations on thirty years of successful ministry!

  • Dr. Kim SungHae Cho

    Yoido Full Gospel Church Seoul, South Korea

    I appreciate your heart warming hospitality... When I prayed and laid my hands on members, I still remember that you, Dr. Christian & Dr. Robin Harfouche prayed for them together with me. What wonderful intercessors you are! Dr. Kim SungHae Cho.

  • Pastors Happy & Jeanne Caldwell

    Agape Church Little Rock, AK

    Jeanne and I have known Christian and Robin for many years. We love and respect them and their ministry as one of the premier Miracle Ministries in the world. The evidence of the end-time church, (according to the Bible) is demonstrated in their ministry: signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost (Hebrews 2:4). We join with their church family and many friends across the globe to congratulate them on 30 years of Faithfulness to the Call of God on their lives

  • Apostle Wayne Haywood

    Doxa Ministries San Juan, Trinidad

    It has been 30 years of impacting nations for the Glory of God. Our church (Doxa Ministries) and nation of Trinidad & Tobago was privileged to partake of the anointing on Dr. Harfouche’s life changing ministry. Many were healed during that historic meeting in our capital city of Port Of Spain… Our Prime Minister and the Mayor of the city welcomed his ministry... His prophetic words to our Prime Minister were well received. We congratulate you on this great accomplishment for the Kingdom. Your friend, Dr. Wayne Haywood -Apostle.

  • Drs. Ed & Nancy Dufresne

    Ed Dufresne Ministries Murrieta, CA

    Praise God!... Nancy and I want to tell you how much we love you and appreciate your ministry and what you’re doing in the Body of Christ. Healing is moving strong across this nation, and you two are part of that revival...

  • Pastor Randy Gilbert

    Faith Landmark Ministries Richmond, VA

    Cherie and I would like to offer our congratulations to you on celebrating 30 years in the ministry! As co-laborers, we are so thankful to see you stand fast and strong as a pillar in the temple of our God. You are an encouragement to us as fellow ministers and brethren in Christ. We encourage you to continue on your course to the prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus, knowing that your sacrifice to God’s call on your life to lay aside every weight will yield eternal rewards that you could never have dreamed of. We look forward to seeing many more years of powerful ministry through you and Robin. God bless you mightily.

*Archived from Miracle Times Magazine, 30 Year Commemorative Issue.

Give Honor to Whom Honor is due.

Romans 13:7

We have had the privilege of ministering for and with the following ministries.

  • Doctor Lester Sumrall
  • Dennis Burke
  • Mark and Janet Brazee
  • Doctor Creflo and Taffi Dollar
  • Neville and Wendy McDonald
  • Bishop Joseph Garlington
  • Apostle Emanuele and Shirley Cannistraci
  • Doctor Mark Chironna
  • Dick Mills
  • Pat Robertson, Christian Broadcasting Network
  • Pastor Peter Doseck
  • Apostle Fred and Nellie Roberts
  • Pastor Zona Hayes
  • Evangelist Donna Schambach
  • Doctor Rodney Howard-Browne
  • Doctor James Marocco
  • Pastor Stephen Sumrall
  • Victor of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White
  • Doctors Shawn and Annie Smith
  • Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
  • Doctor Lawrence Kennedy
  • Pastor David Sumrall
  • Pastor Klayton Ko
  • Pastor Phil Pringle
  • Doctor Mark T. Barclay
  • Pastor Tunde Bakare
  • Pastor Paul Tebbano
  • Pastor Robb Thompson
  • Demos and Rose Shakarian, F.G.B.M.I.
  • Bishop Clarice Fluitt
  • Doctor Lance Wallnau
  • Pastor Vincent Manzo
  • Pastor Tim Bagwell
  • Rabbi Jonathan Bernis
  • Patricia King, XPMedia
  • Peter Sumrall, LeSEA
  • Pastors Kong Hee and Sun Ho
  • Steve Shultz, Elijah list
  • Pastor Alberto Carbone
  • Doctor Myles Munroe
  • Doctor Samuel Donker
  • Bishop Isaiah S. Williams
  • Pastor Woodrow Walker
  • Pastor Walter Wentworth
  • Phil Driscoll
  • Apostle Marco and Juçara Peixoto
  • Apostle Mike and Maria Zino
  • Pastor Petrus Agung
  • Rev. Raymond Mooi
  • Bishop Anthony D'Onofrio
  • Pastor Dick Bernal
  • Doctors Tom and Jane Hamon
  • Doctor Joseph Martin
  • Pastor Terry Shuttlesworth
  • Pastor Bob Rogers
  • Pastor Mike Servello
  • Apostle Ron Callahan
  • Pastor Michael Hankins
  • Tommy Tenney
  • Richard and Vangie Shakarian, F.G.B.M.I.
  • Apostle John Eckhardt
  • Apostle Clifford Turner
  • Doctor David Cannistraci
  • Doctor Dick Bernal
  • Pastor Steve Solomon
  • Pastor Philip Wagner
  • Apostle David D'Oto
  • Rev. Federico Kadi
  • Bishop Don and Marion Meares
  • Apostle Doctor T.L. Osborn
  • Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
  • Doctor Roy Hicks
  • Doctor Charles Capps
  • Rev. Karl D. Strader
  • Pastor Sam Carr
  • Apostle Steve and Olivia Foreman
  • Apostle Gary Greenwald
  • Bishop Michael Pitts
  • Doctor Rod and Ellie Hein
  • Bishop Doctor Bartholomew and Apphia Manjoro
  • Kenneth I. Sumrall
  • Doctor L.M. Thorne
  • Pastor Peter Youngren
  • Pastor David Pizzimenti
  • Pastor Marvin Gorman

There are many, many more of you and we keep you in our prayers and remembrances continually. We extend out appreciation to our Book Project leaders and representitives in 223 countries and territories. May God richly bless you for your labor and your studious pursuit of the Word of God.

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