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The Apostolic Global Church has a global legacy of humanitarian outreach and aid. From the United States, to Africa to the Middle East, the Global Church works continually to supply food, medicine, financial aid, and education to people in need, regardless of religion or creed, ministering the love of God to all who are seeking.

Through initiatives like REACH we’ve founded medical clinics, supplied medical aid to refugees, put shoes on the feet and toys in the hands of tens of thousands of children, fed countless families, and delivered books and education to people all over the world.

The REACH foundation was formed in the year 2000, when God asked Doctor Harfouche the question, “Can a city be reached in one day?” In the year of its founding, REACH did exactly that, when 53,000 people gathered together in Pensacola, Florida, a city with a population of only 59,000 people, to receive food and gifts for their families. 34,000 brand new pairs of Nike tennis shoes were given out to children, and every one present received weeks worth of food for their families.

That day, as the people listened to anointed music and received the inspired Word of God, spoken by the Apostle Doctor Harfouche, all 53,000 present lifted their hands to proclaim Jesus Christ the Lord of their lives.

Since then, similar events have ben held all over the United States and the world.

From millions of dollars of toys delivered to children in Florida and Texas, school supplies for children in Hawaii, food for families in Guam, thousands of pairs of new shoes for HIV positive children in South Africa, a medical clinic founded in Kibera Kenya that continues to help patients to this day, and more, to the hundreds of thousands of believers who have been able to receive supernatural Bible education completely free of charge through the agency of sponsorships, scholarships, and the Book Project, The Global Church is dedicated to reaching and helping those in need, in any way, and by any means possible.

When the recent conflicts in the Middle East caused millions to flee their nations as refugees, by the prophetic leading of the Holy Spirit, the Apostolic Global Church already had medical supplies en route, arriving mere days after the crisis erupted, before there was even an opportunity for the nations to petition for international support.

All over the world today, and throughout history, the largest and most effective source for humanitarian outreach and philanthropic good, is the church of Jesus Christ. We are proud to be an important part of that supernatural lineage.

Through the wisdom, leading, and favor of God, the Apostolic Global Church has been able to be one of the most effective ministry outreaches in the world, accomplishing feats unrivaled by many multinational outreach organizations.

Join us in reaching the nations of the world with God’s love.


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