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Apostle Doctor Robin Harfouche

ThD, Dmin, DD, BS

Doctor Robin Harfouche is a powerful and pioneering woman that flows continually in the apostolic, miraculous, and prophetic anointing of God. Founder of the Apostolic Women movement, she is respected worldwide for her unparalleled testimony and demonstration of the power of the Lord. Together, she and Doctor Christian Harfouche have blazed a trail of transformation across the globe, educating, uplifting, and empowering the people of God—her own powerful testimony of healing, and the continual manifestation of the miraculous in her life and ministry inspiring millions to follow God’s purpose for their lives.

Born in California and baptized Catholic, Doctor Robin’s young years were nonetheless fraught with difficulty, and it would be some time before she would come to know that her fervent pursuit of, and passion for, the truth, which began at a very early age, was the result of a powerful call to ministry that God had for her life. This passion for truth led her to acquire her Bachelor’s degree in journalism, and eventually led her into the creative arts, where she became captivated by the creative outlet of dance.

By the age of 28, Doctor Robin had become one of Hollywood’s brightest up and coming ingenues. A professional dancer, actress, and singer, Robin was represented by one of the world’s top talent agencies, and was one of the industry’s most sought after dance choreographers. At the cusp of stepping into stardom, however, she found herself in a wheelchair, crippled in a freak accident. 23 doctors told her that she would never walk again, that she would never dance again. Her career was over, and according to the doctors, her life was soon to follow. With no hope in sight, she decided that her only recourse was to end her own life, but that very night she received a call from a friend, inviting her to church.

The Lord interrupted her plans in that little Hollywood church where she had a miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ that finally brought her the truth that she had been searching for. She was completely healed, delivered from not only the wheelchair but the struggles that she had faced, and it was that same night that she met Doctor Christian Harfouche, her future husband and partner in ministry.

She dove into ministry, and immediately the supernatural hand of the Lord was on her to bring miracles, deliverance, and salvation into the lives of others, just as she had received them in her own life. Only two weeks later, she ministered to a young husband and wife who were suffering from HIV. They were both instantly healed.

There are many examples in the Word of God of men and women having tremendous visions and revelations of the Lord. Early in her ministry, Doctor Robin found herself caught up in one such vision, when the Lord Jesus brought her to Heaven for an extremely urgent commission. Having laid His hands on her personally, He sent her back to the earth with a revelation of the spirit of pain and insight and direction concerning a global move of the Holy Spirit and an outpouring of the creative miraculous.

In Heaven, she experienced the intense and passionate worship which is constantly brought up to God surrounding His throne. As she witnessed saints and angels singing together, dancing, and expressing audibly on all types of instruments and drums, both familiar and unfamiliar, she was downloaded with the sound of Heaven. This impartation can be clearly heard today in her prophetic worship and breakthrough praise.

Since then, Apostle Doctor Robin Harfouche and her husband, Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche, have ministered on the ground in over 75 nations, raised up hundreds of thousands of students and disciples living in every nation on the planet, preached to uncountable masses of people all over the world, seen hundreds of thousands of miracles manifest encompassing every imaginable malady from aids and cancer to blind eyes and lame bodies, delivered tens of millions of dollars of aid to the needy, and by the end of the 90s, had already personally laid hands on over one million people.

Doctor Robin was ordained by Dr. Lester Sumrall, and has been blessed to have uniquely close relationships with many powerful generals of the faith including Dr. R. W. Shambach, Dr. Norvel Hayes, Dr. Morris Cerullo, and Dr. John Avanzini.

She has been hosted on television networks such as CNN, TBN, CBN, INSP, LeSEA, Daystar, God Channel, and TV Vijon Norge. She has been interviewed by Paul and Jan Crouch, Pat Robertson, Sid Roth, Jonathan Bernis and many others. Her life story was presented in an award winning multi-national documentary, and was featured in Sid Roth’s book Truth Seekers.

She was the host of the Miracles Today television program which was broadcasted five days a week to a potential viewing audience of five billion people, and has interviewed numerous generals of the Faith, including Dr. R.W. Schambach, Dr. John Avanzini, and Kim Sung Hae Cho.

Doctor Robin Harfouche is a powerful preacher, a respected teacher, and a published author, having written nine books. Her bestselling book, From Hollywood to Heaven, which tells the story of her early life and her miraculous healing, has been translated into 12 languages and reprinted countless times. Her visit to Heaven has been chronicled in the books, Created in the Image of God and My Visit to Heaven. Her teachings on the life and ministry of Aimee Semple McPherson have been commended and recommended by Sister Aimee’s son, Rolf McPherson, and included in the library of the Four Square denomination. Hundreds of hours of her audio teachings have been made available worldwide, and many of her teachings are included in the core curriculum of the International Miracle Institute.

Her prophetic music has been recorded on numerous albums, including the platinum selling Spirit Songs which captures a supernatural visitation of the sound of Heaven. The unique record has produced innumerable testimonies, with many listeners receiving physical healings, and many testifying to having heard angels and other heavenly sounds recorded therein.

She has personally founded many effective spiritual and humanitarian organizations and efforts, including the Global Prayer Network, The 2 Million Intercessors, Prayer America, and Apostolic Women, and has been received all over the world by secular and Church authorities alike. She has ministered to presidents, governors, and bishops, and been received by leaders of young and ancient Churches alike, where she has had the opportunity to share her testimony of supernatural intervention and miraculous healing, and speak words of warning and guidance through the agency of God’s prophetic inspiration.

With a special call to empower both women and men to step into their God-ordained position in the Body of Christ, a commission to raise up an army of miracle workers, and a desire to lift the Church up to the height of power that the Lord has ordained for it, Doctor Robin Harfouche is crossing the globe, working in the prophetic, moving in the miraculous, and flowing in the creative capacities that the Lord has imbued her with to preach the Gospel to the poor, to deliver sight to the blind, and to set the captives free. She is bringing women and men all over the world together to stand for the pure, powerful, and unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ, and working ceaselessly to bring spiritual and humanitarian aid to the lost and hurting people of the world, standing as a living example of the transformative and miraculous power of God. With years already spent, and millions already reached, Apostle Doctor Robin Harfouche believes that her mission has only just begun.


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