Rev. John Harfouche is a young preacher of the Word of God who believes that every word you speak, every action you take, and every means and medium available to you can be used as a method to preach the truth of the Gospel. Entrenched in the ministry since childhood, Rev. John became heavily involved in a broad range of fields from design, to filmography, writing, history, and music, and continues to labor in these to serve the Global Church, as he travels across the world preaching the transformative truth of the living God with supernatural authority and power.

One morning, as Doctor Robin Harfouche was driving alone, the presence of God entered strongly into her car and the voice of the Lord came to her audibly, saying, “You will have a son, and his name will be John Michael.”

John Michael Emanuel Harfouche would be born and begin to work in the ministry, having at a very young age received the word of the Lord that he would be a preacher like his father and mother. He has since traveled all over the world, ministering with his family in the Middle East, Africa, South America, and Eastern and Western Europe.

By his late teens, Rev. John was not only featured on the internationally broadcasted television show Miracles Today, but was the main editor responsible for releasing new episodes of the show, which were broadcasted internationally, 5 days a week, to a potential viewing audience of more than 5 billion people. Rev. John's strong connection with filmography and direction did not end there, and he went from directing numerous commercials and short presentations for the Global Church, to becoming the creative director responsible for overseeing all the video, photographic, print, and web content produced for the ministry. He continues to have a firm love of photography and film and, alongside his sister and the Global Church team, works to document as much of the nations and lives touched by the ministry as is possible.

Rev. John, in addition to being a Doctor of Theology, is also a lifelong student and lover of history-something he and his father share-studying languages like Latin and reading extensively from the histories and writings of the early Church and beyond. Additionally he is in charge of curating and caring for the Global Church's extensive archives of holy and ancient books and manuscripts, and was instrumental in the extensive historical and archeological research and compilation that went into the creation of the book Battles of the Elohim, personally writing the margin notes present in the work, as well as heading up the art direction and design.

Rev. John Harfouche continues to work ceaselessly with the family and the Apostolic Global Church to preach the transformative word of God to the ends of the earth, to strengthen the church, and empower believers to stand in faith and power in the miraculous truth of the risen savior, Jesus Christ.


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