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Your Appointment with Acceleration

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 5 min read

Your Appointment with Acceleration

I want to invite you to join us this time of solemn assembly for the worship, and the teaching, and the prophetic, and the supernatural celebration that we will have together, as we agree and participate in God's supernatural plan for us corporately in 222 countries, to cross over into the supernatural end-time cycle of prosperity that God would like for us to see without limits. I want you to send your prayer requests, sow your seed, give your gifts, be on IMI Live, and get as close as you can to the apostolicity and the prophetic mission of your ministry and what we're doing around the world, because I have a Word for you that God will fill you to overflowing with, that will be exactly what your call has been designed and predestined by God to experience.

Now I want to talk to you about "accelerations" or retroactive performances. This is the "Great Hosanna." This is the "God save" that the children of Israel would declare every day once, in the incomings of God, expecting the Lord to keep on bringing His blessings and supplying His protection and imparting His goodness. But on the eighth day, they would march around the altar seven times, declaring "Hosanna" and it was known as the "Great Hosanna". This is demonstrated in type 2,000 years ago by the Lord Christ Himself, when the prophet said behold your King comes to you lowly riding on an ass and a foal of an ass. Do you remember the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem? Do you remember how they braided the palm trees and put their clothes in the streets to pave the way, the same fashion that they would at that time if they were worshipers of Caesar or citizens of the Roman Empire? They would do that as an emperor was entering the city in order to honor him and declare that the city belongs to him. On that specific appointed day, Jesus was coming into that city and made a remarkable statement. He said "if these people stop their praise, and these children stop their magnification of Me, the rocks will cry out," meaning that that appointed time of accelerated performance, this Great Hosanna, where it's recorded in the Word of God, "Send Prosperity Now". This is acceleration.

It's also manifested in the life of the Shunamite woman where at the end of seven years, the Bible says the King restored to her all her lands retroactively also, giving her and her son back every harvest they missed in the past years that they have traveled. And you and I as we enter into this supernatural cycle, we won't have to wait 8 years to participate in the fullness of God, condensed and contained within this next opportunity. This is what the Spirit of the Lord is declaring.

And you say and people say, "Doctor Harfouche, what makes you think that Jesus Christ who is the same is going to do something different?" Well what makes me know that is that you are a chosen generation, and the hours and the days that we're facing are different days—they are greater challenges. The world itself—with governments, educations, science and medicine—are rocking and reeling in different nations, regardless of their governmental order or their religious persuasion. Fear and uncertainty has come upon the planet but in the middle of a historic people, there are a chosen people, and this chosen people will usher in. We will say, "even come so Come Lord Jesus," "Hosanna," "Blessed is He that comes in the name of the Lord," and then the power of the Holy Spirit will accelerate and increase and magnify, the Lord our God demonstrating and fulfilling His promises.

When that took place, Jesus walked into the temple and, as you know, He cleansed the temple in one day. And He sat in the middle of the temple healing the sick, and opening the blind eyes, as they brought the afflicted and the infirm, the tormented, and the depressed, the demonized and the demon possessed to Him—making the House of God once again a House of Prayer instead of a den of thieves, and making it a place of healing instead of a place where nothing happens.

This is the global House of God. This is your family. This is our lot, our portion, our inheritance, our privilege in Christ Jesus, Our Redeemer. And this is my prophetic invitation to you. I have no doubt, I have no reason to doubt what the Lord has clearly revealed to me in dreams, in visions, in visitations, in scriptures, in impartations, and in jurisdictional increase. But I know that I know that you are part of this. I invite you, I compel you, I challenge you: if you will not tolerate the "same old, same old" and if you now say "change is not an option, it is a mandate" then CHANGE your plans, and change reasons as to why not, and JOIN in this great surrounded Family of God's Global House that is surrounded with Glory, and PARTICIPATE in the cleansing of our experience from everything that offends, and EXPERIENCE the presence of all-inclusive healing and deliverance and provision and acceleration retroactively—bringing what seemed to have been stolen and eaten. God said "I will restore the years that the cankerworm has eaten and the caterpillar has devoured." (I'm paraphrasing.)

I love you. I don't want to preach to you, but I prophesy. I want to see you to impart to you a spiritual gift. Join with us and cross over to God's supernatural future for our lives. I love you. Be blessed. You're blessed, stay blessed. And I'll see you soon.

+ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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