Prophecy to America and the Nations

By Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Prophecy to America and the Nations

Hear me Africa and hear me nations of the world. Today, the contention over territory is no longer a struggle. Today, what has tried to move in will move out. Today, you’re empowered. Today, you’re energized. Today, you’re rejuvenated to take territory. Take it back now, in the power of the Lord!

There is going to be a mighty move of God. Hear me: God is going to hit in Cameroon. God is going to hit in Uganda. God is going to hit in Nigeria. God is going to hit in Kenya. God is going to hit in Mozambique. God is going to hit in Zimbabwe. God is going to hit in South Africa and in Libya. God is going to hit in the entire continent. It is going to be like fire that goes up the continent and goes right across the Middle East regions, touching entire generations—generations of believers that have been accustomed to living in the so-called “underground”—marginalized to the sidelines of society—are going to come alive to the power of God. God is going to move miraculously in Bagdad. God is going to supernaturally do something in Iraq that is going to be a spiritual boom of the Spirit of God, and God is going to touch many people.

I want to release this word into the atmosphere for everyone. Listen to me: because in America, everything that I am saying has already been declared over you and I want you to catch this. Favor is going to manifest and evidence of the fact that those that are with you are greater than those that are against you.

The Lord just told me to say this: that there were certain things that the enemy was doing world-wide, globally (when I am talking about the enemy I am talking about the entire kingdom of darkness). The way the enemy was working was to accelerate certain things to happen, causing depravity; but what the Lord is releasing in the Earth right now, and what He is releasing through His Spirit right now, is going to take what seems to be eminent in the direction of the world and put it—in best case scenario—on stagnate check!

So child of God, do not waste this year and the next two years or three years. Now we are in 2014. So do not waste the next three years for some “eminent”, negative end-time thing to happen, because you are going to find that God went ahead and put it in check, backing up His great faith that He poured into the Earth in order to release His anointing to 7 billion people and populate Heaven. Glory be to God!

We have some time to declare the goodness of God in the land of the living. We have some time to declare that this is not the time for the enemy to manifest or to do his plans in the Earth! It is just like that!

+ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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