Accessing God’s Transformative Power

By Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Accessing God’s Transformative Power

When God reveals something, there’s an opportunity to question it. Unbelief wants to make the impossible the authority. God wants to make the “Nothing is impossible with the one that believes” the authority. If we can remember the woman with the issue of blood that the Word talks about in the Holy Scriptures. She’s no different, in a sense, than many thousands upon thousands of people around the world, and millions and millions—if you can count them, even—in the last 2000 years, that have come in contact with the surge of the power of God and the proclaimed Word, and received a cure in their physical body, or a deliverance from a chain of bondage, or whatever the case might be. But she is different in the sense that she is on record—and if she is on record, then she is a doctrine or a lesson.

So we see now in her life: after she spent everything she had and instead of getting better through physicians, she got worse, because they couldn’t grasp something beyond their education—or ability, or qualifications. That’s just the way it is. She heard of Jesus, and when she did, she came in the press behind Him. And she went after the Lord at a time when she could visibly see that many were touching Him and no one was making contact with the surge. I’m talking about contact with what was in Him.

In other words, people were touching Christ, and yet the power—the ability, and the mission, and the cure—that He was so generous and ready to give was not making contact with them. They were touching externally. But when she knew in her heart, she heard and believed and said, “If I touch His garment, I will be made whole.” She came and instead of questioning God’s faith, she pursued it. And when she touched Him, immediately she felt in her body that she was healed of that plague!

I want to tell you that we have ministered and preached and prophesied and declared to you acceleration, and the immediately’s and the suddenly’s of God, but you and I have never been so on time with God’s immediacy. You are about to see acceleration and transformation like you have never seen it in your lives.

My God is going to bless you!
My God is going to free you!
My God is going to answer you!
My God is going transform your life!

“Now when Jesus knew in Himself that virtue had gone out of Him...” notice that. So there was a transaction, wasn’t there? There was an abiding, or an indwelling and a presiding life, and then when demand was put on it—or when faith touched it, when the heart touched it—then the provision of it went out and did something when previously it couldn’t.

So this virtue or power that went out of Him went into her. It produced a physical manifestation and it produced a reversal of a condition—a change of condition. A body that was filled with plague was now filled with health.

So this connection caused the Higher to drive out the plight of the lesser and leave the blessing of the Higher!

Now I know that God’s children—at the International Miracle Institute, First Century training, at Apostolic Global Church—that none of you are going to stand there and let Jesus walk by you, and touch Him to test and see whether or not His power is going to reach you! But you’re ready for the immediate, the instant, and the transformative power of the Lord in your life! Glory to God!

+ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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