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God's Covenant With Families - Part 1

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 5 min read

God's Covenant With Families - Part 1
The people of God have a voice in the world today, and that voice is one of power.

I want to talk to you for a few minutes about the sound of a world-changing generation. Do you believe that God puts an anointing on His chosen? Do you believe that the Lord has established in the earth His own family, His own body, His own Church, with His power, His ability, His anointing, His insight, His foresight, His Word, and His message that can move every mountain, overcome every giant, and declare the goodness of God in the land of the living? Do you believe that you are a member, a living part, of this global world-changing generation that has a sound that will not be silenced by the enemy?

My God is going to bless you. My God is going to touch you. My God is going to elevate you, empower you, inform you, and transform you. And while you’re there, listen, there is a revelation, an impartation, coming into your life that will help you to grow fully into what God has begun in the world, what He birthed in the world when He sent the Holy Spirit to all His sons and His daughters.

God teaches us much about the power of the living Word. God is the Word. The Word is God. The Word liveth. The Word abideth forever. The Word is living and doing. Whatever is living and doing, and whoever is living and doing, has a sound. Now, the apostle Paul teaches us clearly that there are many sounds in the world today, and he says that none of them is without distinction. However, he goes on to say, “if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who’s going to prepare himself or herself for the battle,” meaning that the sound of the gospel trumpet, the Word of the living God, is to prepare an army of men and women that will stand up and let the voice of God be heard in the middle of a world that needs direction.

Now, you know that the trumpet is very loud. It hails. It summons. It gathers, and it prepares. The trumpet is the Word of God. The living Word of God is not only to redeem—thank God for the redemption—but it is also to make that redemption a full experience according to His definition. Redemption means saved. It means blessed. It means strong and healthy. It means free and holy. It means committed and able to in?uence. Redemption means that the experience of the Lord is ours. This experience of redemption comes through teaching and preaching. It comes through fellowship and communion, through prayer and dedication, and through the study of the living Word so that the child of God can be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

Now, first of all, before I go further, I want to tell you this fact. The single most powerful force on earth is within and with the family of God. It is greater than any earthly government or military power. It is greater than any human opinion. It is greater than any medical diagnosis or impossibility. It is greater than any enemy. And this enablement that God gave us is through Christ Jesus. This empowerment that we grow in never dissipates or wanes if it is acknowledged and yielded to, according to God’s will.

The Voice

I want to take us back to the beginning. Genesis says that the Israelites heard the voice of the Lord walking in the cool of the day. The original language is “in the Spirit of the day.” Notice that they heard the Voice, so there was a sound. There was a sound, whether that sound was audible or whether it was a spiritual comprehension. It relayed a message. It was not silent. Are you listening to me? It began when God made a promise. God said the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent. God made a promise about Christ Jesus coming, destroying your enemy, stripping him of his power, and delivering us all.

Every single one of us here: we’re family. Did you know that? Families are noisy. Families have a sound. Families have a voice. Families have a way of doing things. Now, if we’re the family of God, then His way of doing things is what we do, and the living Word is who we believe regarding everything. He’s the healer of our lives. He’s the deliverer of our ministry. He’s the elevator of our calls. He’s the educator.

Adam and Eve

Look at this: God makes man and woman, and He sets them on earth. Then, they receive a promise, and that promise revives hope.

Does the church have a promise today? Do you have a promise today? Is that promise one of victory? Is the promise one of growth? Does the promise state that you will be used by God?

They had a promise, and God literally predicts with His Word—or decrees or commands with His Word—that there will be offspring. That decree means the family will continue, and out of that family will come a champion. This promise was revelation, but it was limited revelation because there was not yet a full understanding of who would be the Redeemer, the champion of heaven, the deliverer of mankind. Even today, we have to remind people of who He is.

Cain and Abel

As early as Cain and Abel, families were growing, but the family with promise is distinct. Do you believe that God, from of the dawn of time, made covenants with families? Do you know that the body of Christ is a family of families? It’s a body of members. We are walking in the world, and we look just like every other human being, but none of us is just like every other human being. If you have acknowledged Christ’s Lordship and received the power of the Holy Spirit in your life, you have been redeemed out of fallen humanity. You were brought into another family.

Do you believe God makes a covenant promise with families?

+ Doctor Christian Harfouche

+ Doctor Christian Harfouche is a modern day apostle and prophet to the nations that has invested over 47 years in training a generation of supernatural believers through the living Word and the activity of the Holy Spirit. Read More Articles »

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