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God's Covenant With Families - Part 2

God's Covenant With Families - Part 2


When the whole world was gone after violence, error, theft, et cetera, and God needed to preserve a bloodline, or preserve a lineage through which He would bring His own living Word, God would call Noah and his family, and through this call, God would prove that He is in the business of family selection.

We know that after He called Noah, God would call Abraham and declare to him the promises that would come when Christ comes, saying, “in thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.” The nations today are nothing but families, and the house of God is a house that is a family of families. Praise the Lord forever!

Noah heard God. We do not know if God spoke to Noah audibly. We don’t know how God spoke to him, but we know that what He said was very specific. We know Noah received instruction regarding how to build the ark, what to do, and what was coming. All of these instructions were very specific. The entire family was picked up, and none of the judgment or the terrible happenings that took place touched that house.

In the natural, we are all from that boat. The boat landed on top of Ararat, and the family sent out birds to see if the water had dried up. When they came out of the boat, Noah acknowledged that God is the God of covenant. God, in turn, gave a sign. God said clearly that He would not flood the earth or destroy the earth again with rain or water. That promise is powerful.

Even people that are not family are claiming the rainbow, but if they don’t become family, they won’t go where we’re going, and they will not enjoy the reality of God’s Word.

For this reason, we are a people with a Message. We’re a people with a living Word. We’re a people with a sound. We’re a people with a determination. We’re an army of men and women delivered by God and anointed by heaven to invade this world with the power of the Good News.


With Abraham, God says, “I’m the God of Abraham.” He reveals Himself as the one and only God to a Chaldean who, in the Talmud, describes himself as “a Gentile living among Gentiles.” God calls Abraham out of “gentile-ness.” He calls him into covenant, and Abraham brings Sarah, his nephew, and those in his camp with him. We know that God tells Abraham that he will give him seed that has promise, and which is given by promise. This seed is the miracle for a family.

The miracle for Abraham’s family is the miracle for this family! The God of promise for Abraham is the God of promise for his seed. He is the God of promise in you, in this household, in this family of families, in this tribe of tribes, and in this army that will never go away. “He that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

In this family will all families of the earth be blessed! Every single family in the earth today has an appointment with a voice that you’re carrying, an authority you’re granted, a power He has given, and a victory He has won.

Abraham had a miracle! Sarah received strength to conceive seed, and Abraham believed God: “He considered not his own body now dead.” They had a family miracle, and with Isaac came joy and laughter.

When the Lord asked Abraham to offer up Isaac on the mountain, we see that God was literally giving Abraham an opportunity to invite Him to come down on the mountain and die for this family on the mountain, to rise from the dead for this family so that he could take this family out of the human family and make them God’s sons and daughters, called to glory! By making us His sons and daughters, God could then send us with the power of the Name that is above every name into the world to be a blessing to every nation!

“And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.” Genesis 22:18

Now is the best time of your life so far. It’s the next phase of your call, the next phase of your ministry, the next phase of your victory!

Now, say this, “I attentively hear and actively receive the assurance of victory, the joy of salvation, the experience of breakthrough, and the elevation to my next phase of service. I will hear, receive, be healed, be strengthened, be blessed, rejoice, and allow the redemption of the Lord to be all over my stuff. If you believe those declarations, rejoice today!”

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