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The Sound of God’s Voice

By + Doctor Robin Harfouche | 9 min read

The Sound of God’s Voice

We live in His kingdom where everything is beautiful and everything is possible.

There's not one thing that's impossible for our God–not one thing. There’s not one mountain that will not move at the sound of your voice. There’s not one valley that won’t be raised up by the sound of your voice. There’s not one desert that will not be made into a blooming garden at the sound of your voice; and as our voices are raised up together in corporate unity to worship the One Jesus Christ, the King of the universe, the Lord of Glory, our Father and our Guide; the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Teacher, and the Manifester of His miraculous creative anointing and His power... Oh! There will be a sound!

I hear the sound! I hear the sound of abundance of rain and in God's spirit rain comes every desire, every need, every requirement, every grace, every thing that sanctifies and brings holiness and righteousness; everything that saves every one of our family members; and everything that straightens out every one of our circumstances as we cooperate with Him in it!

Are you happy to be a winner today? Are you happy that you already have the victory? Are you happy that your Champion already ran the race and paid the price, that He went down to death, hell and the grave, took the keys away, and resurrected so that you and I could be filled with that self same spirit of glory–that self same spirit of faith?

You're going to find out that there's not one thing holding you back from stepping into what God has for you and it's all written down in the Bible in black and white and red; and when you know you have the Word on it, you just got to step on in it! Do you know what I am talking about?

It doesn’t matter what nation you are in. There’s no distance in the realm of the Spirit. We are family and we are a tribe of tribes. We are a spiritual movement and we aren't done.

Synchronization and unity in faith produces power; and my heart, above anything else, wants to see all of us receive what the Lord has for us, and all of us go to the next phase. Nobody is going to be left behind!

What is an apostolic woman? It’s a woman that has been sent! There are the fivefold gifts; apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors; and there are the deacons; and there are also other types of offices and things that happen in the church of the living God. In the beginning of Jesus’reign and ministry, women had the same role in the ministry that men did! For the first three, four, and five hundred years women had the exact same role, and the most incredible thing is that their children were just as sold out to God as they were!

Let’s look at Romans Chapter 16. Phoebe in verse 1 of chapter 16 of the book of Romans is a deaconess–an ordained deaconess. Now, if I show it to you in the Word you’re going to have to believe it. I have so many women in the new covenant to share about but I don’t think there's time! I’m going to do what the Holy Ghost says.

Now remember, if I teach you something please don’t go on the internet to check it out. The reason I am saying that is because anybody can write on the internet. I am not against the internet, I love the fact that we can talk face to face even though we are far apart but at the same time we don’t know who is doing the writing on the internet. We can go to the Bible! Because there’s so many different views on what women can and can’t do, going to the internet is like getting sucked into a black hole! If I show you in the scriptures, underline that scripture and say, “That’s what Dr. Robin taught. She didn’t teach me from the internet”. You don’t even know on the internet who the real author is. Sometimes it says it’s written by a Rabbi but it could be written by an atheist. People think that just because it says Rabbi, it is a Rabbi, but people change their names on the internet, and people pose like they’re somebody else.

How many of you know that there has been a deception on the planet about women? But when you find it in the word of God then you don’t need any extra-biblical revelation. Then when somebody wants to talk to you about it you just say, “Sweetie, just sit down. Do you have a bible? Let’s look at it. We’ll look at it in several different translations and I will tell you of a truth that you can’t prove me wrong.”I will tell you one thing that will stand up in the court of law, that is the B-I-B-L-E. I’m not building silly women. I’m on an assignment from the Lord, and women that are called by God, and that are serious about the work of the Lord... they are NOT silly.

Romans 16:1 “I commend to you our sister Phoebe, who is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea;”

Romans is a letter. Who wrote it? The apostle Paul did, or Saint Paul. Who did he write it to? It was written to the Roman Church. Did he write this letter while he was working? He was working in the Gospel. During the first century, which was when Paul was ministering, the Roman church was a very small, very persecuted people. Rome was the most dangerous place for a Followers of Christ to go (they weren’t even named Christians yet).

In the first, second, third, and fourth century, christians in Rome were the most persecuted christians anywhere. Peter was crucified and his wife was crucified before him in Rome. He was crucified up side down, and his wife was crucified right before him. Why do you think they did that? They did that to shut her up! Most of the Apostles were married.

The Roman church was a very, very, very small group of christians that worshiped secretly in the underground catacombs of Rome. We have actual footage of this area and they had signs that they would leave for each other so that they could secretly worship. It was a very, very tight church. I’ll tell you one thing, when you are under persecution, you will know what your priorities are! The Roman church that Saint Paul is writing to is under the tyranny of an empire. Much like many churches around the world today are under a government that doesn’t want them to worship. Because of this they worship in secret or they worship in a way that they can worship... but Christianity never stops.

Our dear sister Phoebe in verse one of Romans was commended by an Apostle and she was sent on probably one of the most dangerous missions that anyone could be sent on–male or female. She was sent to bring the letter that is in your bible today. She was a deaconess and she was ordained the same as a deacon. A deaconess at that time was ordained the same way Saul and Barnabas were separated from Antioch. They were ordained because the Holy Ghost instructed it to be done. They were laid hands upon and they were prophesied over by the Apostles, and once they were ordained they walked with the men.

Paul says, “I commend unto you Phoebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea:That ye receive her (who is going to argue with Paul?) That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also.”

Without Phoebe there would be no book of Romans in this Bible almost 2000 years later. It was delivered by a female deaconess who was anointed by Paul the Apostle, and who went into the most dangerous territory that existed in the day. Peter was martyred there, his wife was martyred there. Paul was decapitated.

Then verse 3, “Greet Priscilla and Aquila…”

Some people will say, “Well those are interesting names. Are they both men? Are they both women?” Priscilla was the woman. Underline her name. Her little nickname was Prisca. In the Holy Bible Saint Paul calls them, “my helpers in Christ Jesus”. They were a husband and wife team!

Look what they did in verse 4, “Who have for my life laid down their own necks: unto whom not only I give thanks, but also all the churches of the Gentiles.”That means every single Gentile church gives thanks for Priscilla! I’ll go there scripturally a little further on in this teaching, but for right now you can take a note and you can look in the Bible for it.

When Jesus Christ was in His earthly ministry... before He had been crucified; gone down to the lower parts of the earth and took the keys of death, hell, and the grave; resurrected from the dead by His own faith in the Holy Spirit; shown Himself alive, and ascended, instructing all the people that He had trained to tarry and wait for the Holy Spirit in the upper room in Jerusalem...

Jesus Christ picked the seventy and Priscilla and Aquila, a married couple, were picked by Jesus Christ Himself prior to the resurrection as part of that seventy. They were part of the original seventy! (In the original Aramaic language it says seventy-two, but we’re not going to quibble)

Do you remember why He sent them out? He sent them because He had compassion. He was moved. He needed help with the multitudes, and we have always been under the misconception that those were seventy men! Jesus Christ personally taught and sent seventy. Before salvation; before the baptism of the Holy Ghost; before the nine fruit of the spirit and the nine gifts of the spirit; before fire came down from heaven, Jesus chose some women!

Priscilla and Aquila were part of the original seventy. What did Jesus tell them? He said, “Go out and heal the sick, cast out devils…” There has been 2,000 years of wrong teaching so that women would be completely catapulted into silence! Why are you silent? If you are silent it is because you’ve been taught to be silent by doctrines of devils!

I can tell I’m going to have to feed you like a mama bird, chew it up, and put it in your mouth! You’ll get wings by the end of this teaching and I’ll kick you right out of your nest! I’m not making dependents!

Now this is just part one! Stay with us as we go deeper into the truth.

—Apostle Doctor Robin Harfouche

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