Gathering of Champions - Miracle Report

Gathering of Champions - Miracle Report

Every moment during Gathering of Champions was a life-altering one. From empowering revelation to divine prophetic insight, each meeting was power-packed with everything necessary to ignite the hope and the call of every person present. As a matter of fact, there was such a particular focus on the elevation of people’s hope and the ignition of their call, that testimony after testimony expressed the same message: though many attended the campmeeting, each individual felt as though God was speaking directly to them.

Daniel came all the way from Texas and not only received healing physically, but felt his faith and hope go to another level. “For over three years I have been in pain due to a dislocated disk in my lower back.  During Gathering of Champions, Dr. Harfouche said that God was moving someone’s vertebrae back into place. I felt God move all over my body and all the pain left! I have more faith, hope, and a confirmation of my call!”

Robert came to Gathering of Champions expecting something very special from the Lord. He said, “I felt I needed to set this time aside and shut down my business for the week of GOC. The first day of Gathering of Champions, I received a phone call for a $15,000 job; the second day, a $4,800 and $2,100 job; the third day I had a bid for a $30,000 job, and this continued throughout the week. By the end of the week, I received calls totaling over $60,000 in jobs/bids for one week.The jobs are still coming in and these jobs open the door for other jobs.”

He continued, “God also healed me in my body! For six months on and off, I've had pain in my hands, pain in my lower and upper back, headaches all the time, pain in my spine, pain in my shoulders when lifting my hands, and I couldn't hear all that great. God healed all the pain! I can move my hands without pain and move my neck without pain running down my spine. I can lift my hands without my shoulders hurting or burning. I can hear much better than before. Pretty much, the power of God hit me like a lightening bolt and I went down and cried for about 10 minutes, and it was like a river flowing! Today I feel like I can run across the country!”

In addition to all the wonderful miracles, healings, and commissioning during GOC, the next phase of the International Miracle Institute was revealed. International Miracle Institute First Century Faith, beginning in January 2015, was made public as the next level of training and equipping in IMI. There is even more for the champions of God coming on the horizon!

Juergen had this to say of the campmeeting, “All was received through the Word, the spirit, the anointing and the laying on of hands with impartation. I will never be the same…I was refreshed and revived.”

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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