Accelerated Promotion: Your Prophetic Bridge!

Accelerated Promotion: Your Prophetic Bridge!

I wanted to speak to you out of this holy presence that the Lord has placed upon us and from the prophetic call of God. I want to declare over you some of the things that are about to take place in your lives, and they’re going to increase; they’re going to multiply; and they’re going to weigh heavy upon every part of your life. The spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. This is your season for the acceptable year. The altar of God and the prayers represented there from you, the region, and all over the world are about to experience the plans God has made for the church in the world today. In the middle of fear and chaos and challenge and hate, the activity of the enemy and lies are happening all over the world. I have come to declare to you what only God can declare: “If I be for you, who can be against you?”

There is going to be an outpouring of the peace of God that will keep your heart and mind. You will sleep and receive rest, awaken and be sober. You will experience divine healing. You will walk in divine health. Your finances will rebound into agreement with the plan of God, and the blessing of Jubilee will overcome you. And we say to those who will serve the almighty God, whose arm is not short, that He said “I will deliver you. I will help you. I will preserve you. I will uphold you. I will defend you. I will restore to you what the enemy has stolen and what the cankerworm has eaten. The best years are not behind you. Your yesterdays are not your reference points.” This is the Word of the Lord for your life. You are part of the end-time body of believers, and you have come full cycle into an opportunity that God is going to mark down in history as the greatest time for the Body of Christ that the world has ever seen. Champions, men and women, apostolic people, stand up, and stand up strong. Your children will be saved; your loved ones will be delivered; your life will make a difference; your presence will be of distinction; and the goodness of God in your life will produce the same works that Jesus did and greater works than these.

He has an appointment with you and I, and we will not cross over the bridge of the prophetic of 2015 without carrying with us the call into and the induction into an impartation that will enable all of us to occupy the time that we are living in in victory. The fiber of this nation, the moral fiber of this world, will be lifted up to a level that God describes as an upholding of all things by the Word of His power. Nothing will fall apart in your life. Nothing will deteriorate in your life. Nothing will degenerate in your life. Nothing will be lost in your life. Nothing will be without significance in your life. But all of what God has declared to you and exceedingly, abundantly, and above what you understand, God has told me to declare over you today, and He has told me to have you mark your spirit and adjust your life for the greatest and swiftest and most accelerated promotion into the next level that God has in store for you. You are the living first-century-faith reflection of a generation that is ready to meet this appointment. You are going to meet your appointment with the defeat of your enemy and with the victory of your God.

Winter Campmeeting will bridge together the miracle in 2015.

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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