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21 Years - A Spiritual Prophetic Apostolic Declaration

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 11 min read

21 Years - A Spiritual Prophetic Apostolic Declaration

We greet you in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Our Savior, declaring the multiplication of the peace and the blessing of the Lord over you!

We are compelled by the Almighty Holy Spirit to join with you, spirit to spirit, and lead you on a prophetic apostolic mission—a journey that will trace back the genesis of this Apostolic International Work, and carry you in the Spirit to the time of this most incredible release of power that the Lord has ordained for us all.

When the Spirit of the Lord spoke to us in 1994, two weeks prior to Father’s Day, and directed us to launch and birth a supernatural New Testament prototype Church, it was a shock indeed; for many in the city of Pensacola had been delivered from demonic oppression, healed from sickness and infirmity, recovered from incurable conditions and, most importantly, led to the Lord during our Friday night miracle services. As we remember together, the services only represented our presence and ministry in the city for twelve Fridays; however, the most gracious Holy Spirit would direct us, and through obedience on Father’s Day 1994, the Lord would birth this Apostolic Work with 70 adults and approximately 140 children.

As we journeyed, we encountered the saints of God attending our gatherings and watching in wonder as we were bursting at the seams in spiritual and numerical growth, demonstrating the power of a healing, saving, and delivering Lord. Their questions, “where did this church come from?” seemed to stir in the recesses of our being again, a joyful, exuberant witness of enthusiasm that our Almighty God is the Accelerator of His movements and His power.

In the next 12 months, we would continue to prophesy and predict under the mighty anointing of the Holy Spirit, “There is a mighty move of the Spirit of the Lord that will carry signs, wonders, and miracles, from this region to the ends of the Earth!” These powerful words that stirred the hearts of the community and beyond, that were captivating to a multi-cultural church family and stirring to their call, and to their desire to answer and fulfill the call of God, captivated the attention of local, as well as, national media. Our tapes and our teachings and our predictions circulated into Asia and Africa, Australia and Europe, as well as the continental United States—places that we have, as you know, journeyed and traveled in, and stirred in the power and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit prior to our directive and our assignment to this region, to Pensacola and to the five state area.

It became known to us that these predictions, given by none other than the Spirit of God, the Spirit of Prophecy, captured and touched the heart of a local pastor, namely John Kilpatrick, and bore witness with his spirit regarding his desire to see the Lord pour out His Anointing upon the Church. One year later, to the day, on Father's day, the Lord would show Himself faithful as the late Evangelist Steve Hill was hosted at Brownsville Assembly, and began what would be known as the “Brownsville Revival” or the “Pensacola Outpouring.” It was during that time, that you and I—that we together—were journeying around America under the assignment of “Operation Revival Fires”, spending weeks, and sometimes months, in regions of this nation, as well as South Africa, Australia, Canada, and so-forth, experiencing a harvest, and an intense response to the miracles and the signs, and to the challenge that God has given us for His people.

We declared the Word, “The next move of God is God moving His people” and tens of thousands of students around this nation joined their hands together with us–you and us–and said, "I want to be an International Miracle Institute student!" This season would continue and we would maintain a commitment to minister at the Institute, to hold special events and regular meetings at the Church, and to maintain a tireless traveling itinerary, until the Lord challenged me in the year 2000, “Can a city be reached in one day?” In February of the year 2000, I said, “Lord you know,” and I brought that Word to you, and many of you recall that we declared that certain things would be done and that in that December, we would be able to reach the city. We did not know how, and we did not have (in the natural) the resources or the ability to reach, and feed, and bless, and touch, but the R.E.A.C.H. initiative, supernaturally breathed upon by the Lord, enabled us to distribute 500 bicycles; a brand new car; and three and a half million dollars worth of goods as we blessed the people with brand new Nike tennis shoes…and what an altar call, when 53,000 people answered the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and simultaneously raised their hands and prayed a prayer of conviction, repentance, and commitment to our Lord and Savior Jesus!

Journey with me to the year 2001, as the Lord will again enable us to reach into The Civic Center and have two full services to distribute one million dollars worth of toys, making the music and the worship available to God’s people, as well as the Message of His love, and then receiving them into salvation. 8,000 souls were saved that day and such humanitarian and goodwill outreach would continue in the year that pursued, in 2003, with such outreaches as “The Guam Blessing”, “The Hawaii Blessing”, and “The Rowlett Blessing”.

Then the outreach that we accomplished together as we took thirteen team members to Durban, South Africa in response to a prophetic Word I declared, “the hand of the Lord is over the continent of Africa... the Lord will move powerfully and come against that disease of HIV and cause it to be reduced so that the eyes of the entire continent would turn towards Durban and wonder what happened and how did that transpire.” We were able to lead hundreds of people to the Lord during the duration of eight days. We ministered on World Aids Day as Christie and the team sang and ministered “Two Worlds With One Heart,” and we distributed Nike tennis shoes to 8,000 HIV positive children. They were so happy that we, you and the team together—because you are the team—sent that gift of love to children that would’ve otherwise continued to be barefoot.

Then joining hands together with our late friend R.W. Shambach, as we took medical equipment and a medical clinic to Kibera, Kenya, Doctor Robin would be invited to minister to 8500 male bishops in nearby Kenya, and then the Spirit of the Lord directed us to share the testimony.

I am reminded of the powerful ministry of the Apostle Paul and how repeatedly in the Book of Acts, his testimony of conversion and the Lordship of Christ would be repeated as a sermon to those who are hearers of Him, and so is our life, your life. Our life is a sermon. It is a sermon that will reach for eternity. Today is an appointment that will bless your life, an opportunity, a platform, for the Good News of the Gospel and for the greater things that we are called to. And Miracles Today was birthed in our hearts. The woman of God, Doctor Robin, received by inspiration the format, and the setting, and the direction, that we could launch this most faith-filled invasion of the Good News with, showcasing you, your testimony and what the Lord has done in your life, how the Lord has healed you, and how and when you came into contact with God’s Prophet of Performance, how the Lord took you from your initial phase to the next phase in your life. And for years and years, all over the world, to a potential viewing audience of 5 billion people, the Word of the Lord was ministered 7 days a week, and in some networks 5 days a week, by you, in Asia, in the Middle East, in Africa, in America, and beyond, throughout satellite networks, as well as stations on the ground. This was happening parallel to a spiritually-fervent itinerary of travel, of teaching, and of preaching.

The Lord birthed in our hearts 10 nations and 50 cities as I heard the sound of abundance, and I began to speak, and we began to share together that God will intervene, that although there may be a famine, there is a provision through the connection with the prophet, and there is an appointment with an open Heaven and the rain that will come down. We took that to the nations of the world and we continued to carry the supernatural living track record today to remind our minds, to stir up our minds by way of remembrance.

Then the Lord would direct us into IMI Live. What an anointing God would release! How can the Almighty breathe so powerfully on the nations of the world and connect us with the harvest of seed that we have sown for decades past, men and women that God has called to be a part of this mighty supernatural army of miracle workers, part of this 400,000 that God has chosen us to educate and train and mentor, you and I together, part of this family of families, and tribe of tribes? What a wonderful and incredible blessing it is to train and to equip men and women from different walks of life, from different nations, some flourishing and some that are staggered by poverty or threatened by terrorists and yet they will rise up to be miracle workers to the tune of several hundred thousand strong!

The Lord has spoken to us about 2015 and rushing 2020 with the power of God, specifically directing us with reference to today, that the countdown of this supernatural 21 days would be net together with the Mighty Hand of God, that He would unleash upon you His power and release you into His abundance. As He has kept His Word and brought the Upside of Florida to a place of prosperity, and placed a magnetic appeal to the entirety of the nations, as well as to parts of the world in fulfillment to the prophetic Word, we see our region, we see our city, we see our territories, participating in the performance of the prophetic Words we heard many years ago now, today, as we see and know that God does not lie, that God always keeps His Word.

We are reminded together that this outpouring of the miraculous that will not cease, but will increase, that will not desist, but will persist, that will not be contained, but will reach to the ends of the earth, as God mobilizes men and women from every walk of life and releases His mighty power over every nation under the sun, this mighty and powerful miracle move, this creative move of God that the Lord would perform in agreement with His Word, is being released upon you today, upon your prayer requests, upon your circumstances! And that what has delayed in the past, I stand in agreement with you now, that we mark this day and place it down under the Spiritual Prophetic Apostolic Declaration, as the time, not only to celebrate the 21 years, or 3 weeks of years, but as the Angel said to Daniel, “from the first day that you have prayed, you were heard and I am sent for your words.” I declare that the Almighty Holy Spirit is sent now to reframe now in accordance with the fullness of the desires of God. You and I will run 2015 in the greatest, most powerful, most victorious, most triumphant, most restorative experience, that we have ever known in our Christian life. We will continue and persist to experience the goodness of God in the land of the living throughout 2020 and beyond. The Lord has given us authority over all the powers of the enemy.

I want to bless you!

  • I say, God will give you supernatural seed to sow!
  • I say, you will hear the Lord’s voice clearer than ever before!
  • I say, the Lord will empower you to perform your call!
  • I say, Jesus will answer all of your prayers!
  • I say, God will reveal to you His divine strategies!
  • I say, the Lord will impart to you His Joy and His Strength!
  • I say, God will use your hands to bless the entire city of Pensacola and
  • I say, that the Lord will use you to change the world!

This is our year of Jubilee, our season of breakthrough, our time of breakout, our hour of performance, our season of blessing, our due time for restoration and transformation!

We love you with the agape love of God and remain steadfast with you in faith, declaring your victories before God on daily basis!

Eternally, Your Father,

+Doctor Christian M. Harfouche

+ Doctor Christian Harfouche

+ Doctor Christian Harfouche is a modern day apostle and prophet to the nations that has invested over 46 years in training a generation of supernatural believers through the living Word and the activity of the Holy Spirit. Read More Articles »

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