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Victory Campmeeting Update

Victory 2015 Update

On August 23rd, during our historic Victory Campmeeting 2015, we celebrated a groundbreaking milestone as we graduated 301,153 disciples from 223 nations and territories and all 50 states through the International Miracle Institute program. The children of God received prophetic direction for the future and the doctors received the necessary equipping for the healing of their lands.

“The sound of My Body, the Church, will not be silent in this hour, but on the contrary, will be heard on the mountain tops and in the city streets, and those that are not ashamed of the Good News of Christ shall press forward with My ability and My authority and I will use you,” says the Spirit of the Lord, “in a mighty way!”

Prophecy by +Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

“A pen did not drop out of the sky... this is the way God always does things: holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. I pray that God give you an appreciation to receive the prophetic Word that falls from behind this sacred desk!”

Doctor Morris Cerullo

Victory 2015 DVD Set

Join Apostles Doctor Christian and Doctor Robin Harfouche, Doctor Morris Cerullo, and Christie and Rev. John Harfouche , and the entire ministry team in this powerful collection, capturing a unique, anointed time of miracles, revival, and empowerment.

Your Victory 2015 Set Includes:
• 26 DVDs
• All Praise & Worship
• All Special Ministry & Miracles
• 2015 Global Graduation Celebration

Victory Gallery

View some of the photos from this powerful week!

Also by CHM Team

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