Doctor Harfouche on the cover of Budo International

Doctor Christian Harfouche was just featured on the August 2015 issue of Budo International Magazine, a special issue in memory of David German.

“I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting Master Harfouche until our meeting last year for the International School of Martial Arts Hall of Fame; a pleasant experience that I would like to share with you. Dr. Harfouche is a serene man, extremely polite, sensitive and perceptive, all of them qualities that must undoubtedly be very useful in his work as a reverend. His image is not the typical one of a religious man and no doubt his practice of the Martial Arts’ disciplines puts him in an exceptional position in that environment. He affirms that the people who undertake a religious life frequently abandon themselves, seeing their physical bodies as secondary, a position that he in no way agrees with. His open character and his humility (what is so rare among Martial Arts Masters!) have allowed him to continue his studies with other teachers and Masters, work that his students benefit from since he immediately incorporates these teachings into his own repertoire. This open character and self-assuredness no doubt comes from a special capacity for leadership, a calm sympathy with which it is easy to identify with. His instructional videos have been carefully elaborated and are of great usefulness for the impassioned students who utilize them. On this occasion, Master Harfouche discusses one of the matters that has most awakened interest among today’s fighters, strangulations, and as is his custom, he has done a complete and comprehensible analysis. An exceptional job that will mark a before and after in the study of this material.”

—Alfredo Tucci

“Compassion is the driving force behind this thirty-six year veteran of the Martial Arts. In 2000, he personally fed 53,000 people and distributed 34,000 pairs of Nike shoes to his community’s neediest families. But the scope of his dream and vision does not end at home—it continues to reach a world in need. Philosopher, teacher, leader, and pioneer of Shorite Ryu Tai Jutsu (Victorious Hands Body Arts), one of the most appealing and comprehensive Martial Arts to hit the world since Bruce Lee, Dr. Christian Harfouche is on a mission to bring victory to people in every area of their lives.”

—Burton Richardson

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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