Prophetic Word - Baskets of Blessing, Uncommon Supply

By Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Prophetic Word - Baskets of Blessing, Uncommon Supply

The Word of the Lord came to me for you during my recent Apostolic Training Mission to Africa. In the Sacred Scripture, our Lord performed multiplicational miracles of supply. It is not abnormal for the Lord to be more than enough...

When the Bread of Heaven—our Lord—took the bread and the fish of Earth in His sacred hands (like He takes you and I in His hands), when He lifted the earthly supply—that which we offered to Him—and He blessed it, it multiplied to feed.

The Living Word has fed you, blessed you, cleansed you, healed you, and helped you, but He is not finished with us yet...

I speak this prophetic Word also to the global Body of Believers. We are pre-denominational, apostolic Christians, and the gates of Hell never prevailed, cannot prevail, and will not prevail against us.

The Bread of Heaven took the bread of Earth and declared it to be the bread of Heaven... and when He broke it, it kept on feeding, and when it kept on feeding, it supplied—and it never ceased.

In the dimension of the Spirit the feeding has continued—the supply, the empowerment, the blessing, the continuity, the apostolicity, the healing, the regeneration, and the help has continued!

Just as one of the miracles Jesus performed supplied 12 baskets, in this 12th month we will have 12 baskets!

Baskets of blessing! Uncommon supply!

Another time that Jesus multiplied there were 7 hampers full of “Heaven-bread” left over. Beginning in 2020 and continuing through 2027—every year—you will have the hampers necessary to feed the world...

From now till 2027 we are growing! We are multiplying! Our quality is changing! Our potential is from the Lord!

This is our prophetic Word. This is our Church experience. What the Lord has given cannot be exhausted. It cannot run out!

In this 12th month we will celebrate 12 baskets... and in these next 7 years we will celebrate 7 hampers. We are globally and universally carrying the hampers that feed the world! The Bread of Heaven!

This is your Word for 2020 and beyond. This is our vision. This is our expectation.

I want you to lift your heart and respond to God in thanksgiving! I want you to be a part of going into 2020 with us in the anointing and fresh empowerment of this Word! I want to see, so I can impart to you this strength—this upgrade in the quality of your being.

Remember, the Bread of Heaven took the bread of Earth and declared it to be the bread of Heaven... and when He broke it, it kept on feeding, and when it kept on feeding, it supplied—and it will never cease.

+ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Also by Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

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