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The Sound of Abundance - Prophetic Word 4 of 8

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 1 min read

The Sound of Abundance - Prophetic Word 4 of 8

Dear Champion,

Today, the Spirit of the Lord came upon me to declare this Prophetic Word for you, your family, and the Global Church:

I hear the sound of abundance. I hear the sound of abundance. In the Spirit—in the invisible realm...

Your adversary is defeated,
your opposition is defeated,
your obstacle is broken,
your God is active,
your miracle is at hand,
and fullness is your lot in life.

I hear the sound of abundance.

“And there will be confusion in the camp of your adversary, and defeat will fall on the one that opposes you, and I will curse those that curse you,” says the Lord, “and bless those that bless you, for you are the apple of My eye—My Body, the Church, the lighthouse, a city built on a hill that will not be defeated—and I will send you forth with praise to gather in the Valley of Blessing.

“That which will be yours in these three months,” says the Lord, “will be...

BREAKTHROUGH in your household
RESTORATION in your relationship,
ABUNDANCE in your strength,
REGENERATION in your vitality,
RENEWAL in your youth,
ACCELERATION in your momentum,
DIRECTION in your walk,
and JOY in your life!”

I urge you to go over this full powerful Word in its entirety.

As we step into the final quarter of this year, release your faith to sow a supernatural First Fruits seed, and mark the latter part of 2022 as a time of supernatural fruitfulness, multiplication, and fullness. Call my team now at +1 (850) 439-6225, or sow your seed online, and send me your most urgent prayer needs.



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