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Get Up, Pursue, Overtake, Recover All - Prophetic Word 8 of 8

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 3 min read

Get Up, Pursue, Overtake, Recover All - Prophetic Word 8 of 8

Dear Champion,

The Spirit of the Lord came on me to declare this Prophetic Word for the next 33 days for you, for your family, and for the Global Church.

“This is My day, My moment of opportunity, My time of assessment on the condition and the prayer requests and the petitions of My people, My generation, My family, the Church. This is the hour when Heaven is open and the outpouring of the Almighty Holy Spirit shall come upon your home, your life, your call, your ministry, and your loved ones.

I will mend that which has been broken, I will restore that which has been stolen, I will stabilize that which is shaking, I will affirm that which is doubting and bring it into a place of faith and assurance into the lives of My people.

“This is the day that the Lord has made,” says the Lord. “Rejoice and be glad in it, for I will lift you, I will uphold you, I will strengthen you, I will reform you, and I will visit the earth with My creative power and My divine ability to raise the afflicted and deliver the captive and set men and women free from the darkness of ignorance and bring them to the light of My revelation.

“And there will be victory in your march. And there will be victory in your Word and victory in your talk and victory in your witness.

“And the world will look and say, ‘Who are these people?’ and ‘What manner of humans are they?’ And it shall be said, ‘These are the redeemed of the Lord, and they declare it so.’ And that which is before them makes way for them, and they walk over on substantial land, on dry land, and they cross over to the land of participation with occupation.

“So rejoice and be glad, for I will touch you, I will revive you, I will reform you, I will expand you, and I will bless you.”

The Word of the Lord comes to me regarding Scripture and the time when David and His mighty men and his army came back and found out what happened in Gilgal. The Word of God says that they wept until they could weep no more.

I am telling you today... it is time to stop weeping.

Listen to me, there was an inquiry of God. They went to the prophetic, to the prophet, to God, to the urim and thummim. “Should we pursue?”

He answered and said, “Get up, pursue, for you will overtake, and you will recover all.

Your best days are not behind you.
Your best days are before you!

Get up. Pursue. Overtake. RECOVER ALL!

God has an appointment with this generation, and everything that you seem to have lost or has gone missing or delayed or you’ve been deprived of, you will rise up in the power of the Spirit, you will pursue and overtake, and you will recover all.

Not next year… NOW!

Every effect of betrayal—behind you.
Every effect of disappointment—behind you.
Every effect of discouragement—behind you.
Every effect of the negative—behind you.

There is nothing before you except an invitation to higher ground. The Lord says, “Come up hither!”

You’re gonna run like you’ve never run before!
You’re gonna reap like you’ve never reaped before!

The Lord told me to tell you that the thief has been caught, and you will be repaid sevenfold!

As we step into the final 33 days of this year, release your faith to sow your breakthrough seed, and mark the this time as a time of supernatural multiplication, recovery, and restoration of all.

Sow a seed of $33
Sow a seed of $330
Sow a seed of $3,000

I am inviting you also to send me your prayer requests and petitions to be placed upon the altar for “Your Faith Weekend,” where we will agree together globally over every prayer need, and we believe that God will turn every request to a testimony. You will recover all!


+ Doctor Christian Harfouche

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