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Within These First Three Months...

By + Doctor Christian Harfouche | 5 min read

Within These First Three Months...

Dear Beloved Champion,

Doctor Robin and I, our family, and our entire ministry team and Prayer Initiative warriors are standing with you regarding your prayer requests, your need for spiritual breakthroughs, and provisions for every area of your life.

I am thrilled to carry the Good News of the Gospel to you at this time in this anointed, Spirit-led letter. I want to extend to you and yours my personal heart-felt invitation.

We are embarking upon one of the most significant, historic years that this generation has ever marked.

I believe with every prophetic fiber of my being that the Lord intends to take this quarter—the first three months of the year—and deliver to His children, 4 of the 12 baskets within these 3 months.

As we synchronize our faith together, I’m very excited to see your prayer requests and your breakthroughs, as we believe God here and all across the world via the different avenues of connection.

Today, I would be thrilled to hear back from you—thrilled to know that your attendance is confirmed to be with me, Doctor Robin, our family, and our team, for January 18-22, Gathering of the Champions—GOTC.

We will exercise our right to declare the promises of God over you, and over the nation, and over the people of the world.

Revelation knowledge at GOTC will be released in unhindered fashion for you. Worship, as you know, is a prerequisite, and we certainly believe in Spirit Songs.

We are excited—together with you—to see the Frequency of Heaven come upon us and partner with us as we walk in the Living Word of God in this significant prophetic hour that we live in.

Wednesday, January the 18th
Thursday, January the 19th
Friday, January the 20th
Saturday, January the 21st
Sunday, January the 22nd

We will gather together. We will worship and praise. We will flow in the prophetical utterance gifts and the revelation gifts; we will believe and stand in agreement with one another that mutual faith will be deliveredthat the apostolic call of God upon this movement will grow as never before, through the agreement of our people, partners, students, members, and friends.

You are more than a conqueror through Christ.

We believe that in our gathering together and in that corporate anointing, the Lord has blessings for us that are beyond anything that we have seen before.

I have no doubt that GOTC will see Doctor Robin and I ministering to a global, supernatural family of champions who will work together to see our world change. Together we will get ahold of the invisible fabric of society and lift it up, according to God’s prediction in His Living Word for this day and for this hour.

I want you to prepare your faith. I would like for you to confirm with our team and then I want to extend a very special invitation...

As many of you know, about a decade ago, the impartation of the Holy Spirit visited us in a very unique way while we were in the Holy Lands.

For four hours, the Spirit of God visited us and melted within my being all of the teaching and the training from over the last 3+ decades. He melted it into what He has defined and described to be the method of your training, equipping, and transformation from glory to glory by the Spirit of the Lord.

First Century Discipleship Founders, we know that not only are we a part of a pre-denominational form of the purity of Christianity from the First Century, but we have committed ourselves to found this training program that has reached hundreds of ministers, prophets, apostles, bishops, and pastors around the world.

Five times a year, many of you have gathered in this format, and you were overcome by the goodness of God, having no words to define what the Lord has done.

I feel an urgency regarding this First Century Discipleship, which will be on:

Monday, January 23rd
Tuesday, January 24th, and
Wednesday, January 25th.

I am calling on our Founders, our FCD students, our partners, pastors, members, and friends, who would like to dedicate this first 3 months of the year to the Lord, that you may see it multiplied 4 times.

I am looking to you with expectation, that you would confirm with our team—confirm in writing and respond to this letter—that you will be able to be part of the First Century Discipleship.

It is very probable that I may extend this First Century Discipleship one day or two, depending on the excitement, enthusiasm, and hunger of the hearts of people.

Child of God, you know that Doctor Robin and I, along with our crusade team and International Miracle outreaches—constantly look for hunger. We go where the hunger is.

Our Global Touch Prayer Initiative and our R.E.A.C.H. Initiative (Reaching Every Appointed City and Household) are the byproduct of a prophetic magnet. We recognize in prayer where the hubs of hunger are in this nation and around the world, and we direct the Word of God to your home, to your life, to your altar, to your platforms, to your ministry, to your call, and to your endeavors, so that His blessing would be upon you mightily.

I believe that deep calleth to deep, and I believe that this is the time for you to delay no longer regarding the training of God on your life.

I love you. I want to remind you of GOTC—Gathering of the Champions, January 18th-22nd. As a Champion, confirm your attendance with us now.

I want to give a special invitation to all of our ministers—the Apostolic Women, champions, partners, students, members, and friends. You have heard about First Century Discipleship, and it is time to attend. Speak with our team, find out what the commitment is, and find out what the rewards are.

First Century Discipleship Foundersthere has never been a time as powerful for you to repeat your attendance with us at FCD.

We will definitely see the Lord give us the greatest time of impartation, transformation, and blessing that we have ever seen.

We love you. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay blessed.


+Doctor Christian Harfouche

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