Christian Harfouche Ministries

“If there is anything that the world needs today, it is to see the Church living and walking in the power of the first-century Faith.”

+ Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche

Training a Generation of Miracle Workers

This is the driving force of International Miracle Institute, not to just know what is available to the believer, but to receive the tools necessary to walk in the boldness and power of that knowledge, seeing the results of the early Church today! With more than 505,172 students in 224 nations and territories, International Miracle Institute is equipping people to reach their divine potential in God, to walk in the miraculous, speak with power, and live His purpose.

You have the desire, International Miracle Institute will empower you to fulfill that desire.

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Begin your supernatural education today and receive the equipping necessary to walk in the fullness of the call of God on your life!

In-Residence Classes

Receive personal ministry and impartation, set dedicated time apart to experience supernatural change, and get involved in the ministry through helps, music, media and other programs.

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Online Classes

Through online classes, students from every nation under heaven participate each month in life-changing, empowering teaching, equipping them to immediately step into a greater level in their call.

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Degree Programs

The International Miracle Institute offers special degree programs in Christian Theology for Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Candidates. Accelerated programs available.

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Teaching and Equipping

From the earliest days of Doctors Christian and Robin Harfouche’s ministry together, their passion has been not only to preach the saving knowledge of Christ to the lost, but also to train the believer up, to step into their God ordained call and position. It has been not simply to make converts, but to raise up disciples. This is not simply an education—not just knowledge and information—it is an equipping, an empowering, an uplifting that Doctor Christian and Doctor Robin Harfouche were commissioned by God to bring to his people. This is an illustration of how a believer should live—an applicable understanding of how to move in the miraculous and how to see your entire life transformed into the image of God.

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International Miracle Institute
Course 1

The foundational year of the International Miracle Institute, Course 1 is an unparalleled collection of teaching on the call of God and the authority of the believer, and is required listening for all IMI students. In order to operate in your authority, you must first know who you are. Course 1 will change your life forever.

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International Miracle Institute
Course 2

The completion of the foundation laid in the first year of the International Miracle Institute, Course 2 includes teachings on faith, healing, ministry gifts, prophets, prophecy, demons, and the supernatural, with a power and clarity unlike any you’ve heard before. Course 2 will transform your understanding of your call and the Kingdom of God.

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International Miracle Institute
Course 3

Building upon the foundation laid in the first two years of IMI, Course 3 delves even deeper into a broad range of focused subjects. With powerful teachings on prayer, the indwelling, biblical economics, the activity of angels, possessing supernatural power, and more, Course 3 will elevate your walk with God, and further equip you to affect your world.

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International Miracle Institute
Course 4

The culmination of the core, four-year course of the International Miracle Institute, Course 4 completes it with such subjects as Purpose, Prophetic Visions, Team Ministry, Supernatural Encounters, and End-Time dominion. With an incredible depth and revelatory understanding, Course 4 will bring you to places in God you didn’t think that you could go.

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