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Scholarships are now available for a limited time through the International Miracle Institute online and in-residence degree programs. Apply to receive a scholarship of up to $10,000 towards your Bible education. IMI offers accelerated degree programs for AA, BA, MA, and Doctorate in Christian Theology.

Apply today and join more than 487,185 students in 224 nations and territories!

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IMI Testimonies

“The Doctorate of Christian Theology from IMI has opened doors for me as a woman in international ministry that otherwise would have remained closed. It is a seal of validation in terms of qualifications for sharing the Gospel in areas where it is rare for a woman to be invited to address the Body of Christ, and as such has had a great impact on my ministry.”

Pastor Sammi, Maine

“I have received several job promotions from the time that I received my Doctoral in Christian Theology degree with the International Miracle Institute. It has not only impacted my life and ministry spiritually, but has helped me in my daily practical life.”

Ron, Georgia

Training a Generation of Miracle Workers

This is the driving force of International Miracle Institute: not to just know what is available to the believer, but to receive the tools necessary to walk in the boldness and power of that knowledge, seeing the results of the early Church today! With more than 487,185 students in 224 nations and territories, International Miracle Institute is equipping people to reach their divine potential in God, to walk in the miraculous, speak with power, and live His purpose.

You have the desire, International Miracle Institute will empower you to fulfill that desire.

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