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We are entering into what may be the greatest hour of need in our generation. Across the world, violence and wars have driven millions out of their homes and nations; dozens of countries are experiencing refugee crises; and from the Middle East to Africa and beyond, violent factions are taking actions to wipe out and destroy the Christian communities that have lived in those lands for 2,000 years.

Help us combat this barbarous plan of Christian extermination and supply help to the disenfranchised Christians and peoples of the Middle East and the world. From humanitarian aid to miraculous empowerment, we have the answers for every weapon of the enemy, and we are taking action this year to reach out to these peoples on a stronger level than we ever have before.

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For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to feeding, clothing, saving, caring for, and bringing the love of God to the needy all over the world.

  • Middle East Refugee Crisis

    $500,000 of medical supplies and equipment sent and distributed to refugee camps

  • The Book Project

    Printed and distributed 60,712 books in 29 languages impacting 37 nations, free of charge

  • Kibera, Africa

    $500,000 of medical supplies and equipment shipped, established medical clinic in the world’s largest slum

  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti

    $100,000 of medical supplies and equipment sent to the poorest of countries and distributed to the needy

  • Durban, South Africa

    6,500 pairs of Nike shoes, valued at a total of $650,000, distributed to HIV-positive children

  • United States

    Millions of dollars of aid distributed across many outreaches, including more than $3.5 million worth of food, shoes, and supplies distributed at a single event

Humanitarian outreach in America

Humanitarian outreach in America

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

This year, more than ever before, we are seeing a group of people that need aid, that need help in the face of overwhelming opposition, and it is our own Christian brothers and sisters all across the East. We have already invested tens of millions of dollars in humanitarian outreach, and with new directions from the Lord, and new supernatural strategies of outreach always present, we will never stop reaching, never stop helping, and never stop ministering to those in need, and you can become a part of this never-ending mission.

Help us reach the world.

Sow a Supernatural Seed

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