Upper Room Encounter

If you are a disciple, a full time minister, or a long-standing partner of the Global Church and you are seeking a way to deepen your relationship and connection with us, or if you are a doctoral graduate of the International Miracle Institute that is looking for a higher level of spiritual education, and a more personal experience of discipleship, you may want to find out more about Upper Room Partnership and First Century Discipleship.

This closer level of connection, coupled with these unique times of personal ministry and mentorship—where our leaders from around the world come to be personally and privately ministered to and trained by our Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche—are unlike anything that you have experienced before, and will have an unparalleled impact on your life, your ministry, and your understanding of the most fundamental biblical truths.

For more information on Upper Room partnership and First Century Discipleship, including eligibility, please call our Partner Services department at 1 (850) 439-6225 ext.3 or email partner@globalrevival.com to schedule an appointment.

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